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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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everyone else is okay until you get along the peninsula coast. that is where we see the better radar returns to the south. as they move to the southeast they have a best chance of dropping showers along the coast. least likely as you head inland. all of us, though, even with sunshine, stuck in the mid-40's to low 50's for highs. >> the hot spot, literally is castro valley with a car fire westbound 580. you can see app shows 46 minutes ago paul reported on this accident with a car fully engulfed. the damage is done, westbound 580 is jam packed to the 680/580 dublin interchange. that is very slow. coming from the central valley it is slow. a new accident at the
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interchange at 580 northbound 680 blocking a lane of traffic. slow and over the altamont pass and it slows over the dublin westbound. san jose northbound 101 at story road an accident reported in lane here and slow traffic behind the scene there and san rafael, south 101 is moving nicely and no problems or delays moving to central san rafael. it is fog free and light traffic. for the ipad or iphone the wave app is free from the apple app store or google play. >> thank you so much. as mike mentioned we are on storm want. this is highway nine in santa cruz mountains in saratoga. this is a dusting snow. our reporter is there, amy hollyfield getting a great shot with waves of showers coming in
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and that will be snow in the higher elevations in the bay area where it is cold until 1:00 o'clock or 2:00 in the afternoon. how often is the bay area under a winter weather advisory? we have it from highway nine in saratoga but not enough to make a snowball. >> you need a snowcap to gather this. stay with us for continuing coverage on the showers and cold weather hitting the bay area with the snow. you can track the showers at abc7 news come. >> other news federal investigators have a new lead to follow this morning in the crash of the oil tanker this week. they will check reports of a glitch in the radar that helps ships maneuver on the bay. now to treasure island. >> the coast guard is looking into what the radar was working as it should on monday morning
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when the "overseas raymar" oil tanker hit the tower of the bridge. there was damage to the fenders at the base of the fire west of help herb and a coast guard bulletin says there could have been a radar malfunction in the beacons that guide the ships. coast guard says it is uncertain which beacons could have been on the blink and cal tran says the main beacon was working fine. the national transportation safety board said, from washington, dc, this will take time. >> we do not determine a cause early on in an investigation. it usually takes maybe 12 to 18 months before we determine a cause but we are at the beginning stage of the investigation and at this point we are collecting as much data as we can.
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>> the disaster here on the bay in november of 2007, and the final report did not come out until may of 2009 so when he is talking about 12 to 18 months he knows what he is talking about. the transportation commission says damage to the bay bridge, the bridge structure, structurally it is sound but the damage to the fundser system at base of the tower could cost $3 million to fix, there is a lot of work that goes into it and much of the work is below the diving lines which causes additional cost. >> thank you. we have breaking news from new jersey, like pictures right there where an academy bus collided with a mini school bus and the school bus flipped over on to its side. there is a man on the ground being checked by paramedics and there were minor injuries on the because. as for the school bus it is not
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clear whether there were any students on the bus but we do know this were passengers on the bus you see right here and first responders and fire and police standing around. it left the road and stopped and hit the tree. we will have more information from old bridge, new jersey, involving a full size bus and a school mini bus that flipped on its side. there is another injure person being taken off bus. >> questions are surrounding the reliability of boeing's new 787 dream liner as it republicans for inaugural flight out of shows tomorrow. it has had a string of problems all week. one flight was canceled yesterday in japan because of an error message that indicated a brake problem. tuesday, another dreamliner planned 40 gallons of jet fuel
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on the runway in boston. again on monday, in boston, a different dream liner experienced a battery fire. >> nothing in the three events we are talking about are in common or you would say is really a serious event. we certainly cannot blame the ape for a battery. >> the flight safety consultant says with new planes it takes time to work out the bugs. >> a mother who waited 24 years for news of her missing daughter has to wait. d.n.a. testing on broken fragments prove they are not the remains her daughter would was kidnapped from outside a store in hayward in 1998 when she was fine. human bone fragments were found searching an abandoned well used by the speed freak killer but they did not match the profile.
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the mother felt a wave of relief because i means her daughter "could" still be alive. the family says they must shift gears again back to hopping she is still alive as they have been doing for 24 years. atraffic and weather are next on the abc7 morning news. showers are moving in, and some places are so cold it is turning to snow. our meteorologist, mike nicco, has the full accweather trust. >> ahead we have an explosion threat on airliners but not what you may think. the coffeepots causing this
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>> welcome back. here is live doppler 7 hd showing snow shower pulled away from scotts valley and now just rain toward 1 as they come together around santa cruz. upstream, along the coast, south half moon bay, that will slide over the same area. so there are waves of showers with a light dusting of show hitting the santa cruz mountains the rest of us are quiet on live doppler 7 hd this morning. now, the temperatures, we are freezing in napa at 32 and everyone else is mid-30's to
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40's midland and the bay shore is upper 40's. the coldest air is not here yet. tomorrow morning, it will be considerably colder. this afternoon, we will have cooler air with sunshine and upper 40's to low 50's at best. the toughest commutes is westbound 580 through the castro valley area with early car fire. the crews got it out. it is clear now but the damage is done. you have heavy damage from 685/80 interchange. if you want to download this it is free from apple app store and google play. westbound 580 to north 680 we had an accident on the shoulder and slow over the altamont pass and pass shows to story the accident is cleared but this is slow traffic from 280 interchange at 101 backing up.
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the bay bridge toll plaza just minor delay if you are cash paying. for issues to speak up on the upper deck but it is slow. >> the federal aviation administration has issued a safety alert after coffee filters exploded on self -- several fights. passengers and crew suffered burns from the exploding hot coffee. if a filter is not placed just right pressure can build and cause the contents to erupt. air carriers are encouraged to add danger to the training manuals. >> a busy morning for hollywood with nominations for the awards just announced and we will have a wrapup coming up. >> first a common con complaint with couples: messy homes. we have tools to help clean up that
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our cupertino and wine country and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> freezing tonight and tomorrow morning but not this morning we are focused on the showers off the coast in the north bay and sliding into the peninsula coast and down to the monterey bay. snow above 2,000 feet in the santa cruz mountains. temperatures inland in the upper 40's is all we get today. we will have dry air tomorrow and more showers are possible on saturday. kristen and eric? >> mike, thank you. >> if getting organized is a new year's resolution there are a
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lot of tools that promise to help you get the job done. >> 7 on your side and partners at consumer reports help you clean up the clutter. >> what do couples fight about the most? money comes to find but a consumer reports survey finds almost 40 percent of couples fight more about messes so here are new tools to help clean up the clutter and maybe keep the peace, too. >> toys across the floor, dressers overflowing with unfolded clothes. cluttered drawers that is where a professional organizer comes to the rescue. >> start with the common areas of your space, the place you are all the time. >> consumer reports shop smart consulted with professionals to find the latest tools. going through a kitchen drawer,
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this system if $26 puts everything if place so they do not slip. it comes in one size but you cut it down to fit if any drawer. >> when you travel to throw all your gadgets in a suitcasest dry this, a case that organizes the phones, camera and cords in different sizes ranging from $10 to $50. would you like to banish messy drawers? consider these cool clothing filers for $50. >> you fold the item over over the card and tuck it in a box that the system comes with so all the t-shirts are all lines up and you can pull it out without messing up the whole pile. >> tires of stepping over toys with this for $65 you pull a drawstring and everything is in a pouch.
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a few handy items can go a long way to getting your clutter under control. >> couples are asked who is most mete? 39 percent of men say they are, the number was let fore women but sizable at 26 percent. what are the two out of place things that drive people crazy? bills and keys. that is 7 on your side. >> who is more messy? >> your workstation, my workstation...i win. >> good morning, christian and good morning to you. i will look at the chill outside. >> i am the most messy by far. look at that, kristen. messy in the santa cruz mountains. >> thank you. i am switching gears. >> there is snow in the mountains of santa cruz and that is the big problem, from mount
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tamien, pretty sky. we have zoomed in on the santa cruz border and santa clara area where we have light snow. and the shower is moving away from half moon bay and sliding across the mountains and looking like another batch of very light snow and flurries headed toward highway nine so be careful there. you can see looking upstream, this all is going to move out over the coast and over the ocean so our best chance of seeing anything measurable is going to be during the morning hours. 32 on the cool end of napa to 46, the warm temperature, at half moon bay. from 23 in gilley to 42 in monterey bay. you can see the cold front, and that is a sharp contrast between the colder air and the warmer
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air out ahead of it and the showers are developing all the way up and down the coast from seattle to here. in san francisco, it will be chilly with the air. it is dry but it has enough instability for showers. that is this morning. we are looking at it. you can see by noon it is starting to push them off over the ocean and they will stay there for the most part in the afternoon but one or two may develop along the higher elevations. if they do the snow level is around 2,000 feet so we could get a dusting which is remote. >> tomorrow morning the clouds clear and it will be coldest and as we head to morning afternoon, hartley a chance of a shower so i will keep it dry. bay shoreline frost, santa clara valley a hard freeze tonight and possibly tomorrow night. at the 49ers game, there could be light showers because they are possible. >> we have a tough commute
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westbound 580 with an early car fire that has been cleared now but the damage is done. this app shows abc7 news traffic spotter talking about complete standstill at 580 westbound from dublin to the castro valley area because of the early car fire. you may want to take bart which is the best way to get around this. elsewhere we have if delays on mass transit. bart is an alternative, westbound 580 from 680 to 238 right here about 30 minutes. >> google executive chairman schmidt finally talks about the trip to north korea. >> coming up first, robin roberts' progress, the
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>> welcome back on storm watch checking out the showers sliding northwest to southeast. right into the pens what coast and the santa cruz mountains. today, arounded state, everything is getting quieter in the sierra with snow showers and the grapevine today. kristen and eric? >> competitors who lost out to patrick dempsey in a bidding war over a coffee chain hope to have
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new chances. a company that teams up with starbucks to buy actuallies is challenging the winning offer. they say they bid $10 million compared to dempsey's $9 million and another said the rules changed in the middle of the auction. a judge will consider arguments tomorrow. >> great news for "good morning america" fans and for the abc news family. robin roberts blogged positive news from her doctors as she recovers from a bone marrow transplant. her doctors are "extremely pleased with my recovery and i am getting stronger every day." she says she will give you details about the return and thanks for the prayers and patience. she finished with "all will be serene in 2013, hugs and kisses." and hugs and kisses right back. you saw it like here on the abc7
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morning news, less than an hour ago the nominations for the academy awards. we will re-cap the nominees. but first the request from google executive schmidt to communist north korea of a final day of his controversial trip. >> want do see snow in the bay area? we will show you [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, on thursday. it is 6:30. we thank you for joining us. and looking to the embarcardero and the bay bridge you can see no problems, no precipitation, but you cannot see the cold temperatures. they are there. >> the know is out there. this is a like picture from the santa cruz mountains and highway
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9 in saratoga with a light dusting but, still, that is showing how cold it. i am kristen sze. >> we will check with amy hollyfield to learn more about the dusting of snow but first, the weather forecast. >> thank you, eric. good morning, everyone. santa cruz mountains, all this area in white from half of the bay to skyline boulevard to just to the west here we have a winter weather advisory until 1:00 o'clock with showers dropping the light dusting the snow and it could pile up to 1" to 2" above 2,000 feet so it will be slick with rain and possibly snow. you can see the pockets out there to the west, especially to scotts valley so look for sprinkles and flurries the next
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5- to 15-per -- 15 minutes. you can see around san ramon to castro valley a sprinkle and around half moon bay we have a better chance of rain. best chance of showers is near the coast above 2,000 feet we could get more snow. >> good morning, everyone. the tough commute remains on the dublin westbound 580 with an early car fire. you can see the app shows the red line from 680 to castro valley boulevard you are in bumper to bumper traffic and it is 25 minute drive from dublin interchange to the castro valley ymca, twice as long as normal commute. this is a free app at or the apple yap or google play and bart is the best way to avoid the slow down.
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it is busy on the east shore freeway moving into the metering and the bay bridge toll plaza which the lights are on. this is a delay for cash-paying folks toward west grand overpass. kristen and eric? >> there is snow on the ground up in the santa cruz mountains and abc7 reporter amy hollyfield found it and live on skyline boulevard at highway 9. could you get a snowball going there? is there enough? >> i don't think i can scrape up that much. it is cold. look at this parking lot. we are at castlerock state park at highway nine and 23. there is only a little bit, but enough to jazz up your facebook page. it is exciting. the roads seemed okay. we did not have trouble getting
6:32 am
up here and we did not see this snow until we got up here to the very tiptop but they have cal tran crews out here sanding the streets and giving traction for the drivers who do neat to use the roads but they are worried about black ice or accumulation that could make you slip. so not enough up here for a snowball but maybe enough for concern on the roads so be aware of it, just a little bit of snow but it is always exciting to see snow in the bay area. from the santa cruz mountains for abc7 news. >> stay with us on air and online for continuing coverage of the showers and cold weather hitting the bay area and you can traffic the showers any time at >> if you see snow in the santa cruz mountains or weather happening where you are, we would like to see it so send us your photo or video and we will put them on the air.
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send your weather pictures to the kgo. >> google executive chairman schmidt is speaking of his controversial trip to north korea with a delegation led by bill richardson meeting without leader kim jong-un. he spoke on the role as an advocate for internet freedom. >> when the intent starts, citizens in a country can certainly build on top of it. but the government has to do something. they have to make it possible for people to use the internet which the government has not yet done. it is time now for them to start or they will remain behind. >> the trip to north korea was made despite objections from the state department. >> back in california, governor brown is set to reveal his budget for the new al qaeda this
6:34 am
-- now the new fiscal year and will ask for $2 billion in cuts to balance the john -- general fund of $90 billion a far cry from what he had to cut two year s ago when he cut $16 billion. >> a 70-year-old man has been arrested for killing his mother. he turned himself in. when officers arrived they found his 89-year-old mother dead. he has been booked for murder. he has a criminal history. in 1966 he leaded guilty to kidnapping and raping and murder two teen girls. the man police say lit a woman on fire in san francisco bayview will be arraigned today. dexter oliver was arrested on starr lamare, a woman he was dating and faces charges of attempted murder and arson after
6:35 am
he doused starr lamare with gas and set her on fire. they were argued outside a laundromat before the attack. starr lamare is expected to survive but faces months in the hospital recovering from severe burns. >> a bizarre case in pittsburg involving a cheating wife, burglary, and homicide as four facing murder conspiracy charges. charmaine taijeron and two brothers, and another suspect are held on $1 million bail. charmaine taijeron's husband stabbed an intruder to death during a break in but charmaine taijeron was having an affair with matt packer and this was part of a blot to get her husband to leave the apartment. the husband is not injured and he has moved out. >> traffic and weather together are next on the morning news and here is a live look outside of the golden gate bridge with no
6:36 am
problems. it is dry here. mike nicco will have the full forecast where he is tracking showers and snow and we have the abc7 commute. >> lawyers for sandusky will be if court saying the child sex abuse convictions for the former penn state football coach need to be
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>> welcome back. look at live doppler 7 hd still picking up scattered snow showers and rain showers down toward santa cruz and on the border between the santa clara county and santa cruz county. you can see near spring street to main street and half moon bay a light rain shower and we will have a light rain shower at san
6:39 am
ramon right on 680 coming through the dublin area and the scattered showers will continue near the coast today. by tomorrow we will be between systems and more showers are possible saturday. >> thanks. in the area you are talking about, we have had the early car fire and the chp says the car re-ignited. it was just starting to clear and you can see from the app the orange line showing slow traffic from the dublin grade to castro valley and there is significant delay especially if the car reignites. you can download this app it is free from the apple app and google play and bay bridge has a stall in the left line with metering lights on and it is sluggish on the upper deck. from 680 to the castro valley ymca, over 20 minutes and there
6:40 am
is the east shore freeway commute. kristen and eric? >> thank you. lawyers for former penn state football coach sandusky will be in court to appeal the convictions. he was convicted on 45 counts of molesting ten boys over 15 years and sentenced last october to between 30 and 60 years in prison. the attorneys will argue today that there wasn't enough evidence to convict the 68-year-old and that the defense didn't have enough time to prepare for trail. the judge has not said when he plans to rule on the motion. >> the castro valley man accused using a guard gator to protect his marijuana stash is in court. the sheriff superintendent out this picture of a 5' long alligator discovered on tuesday during a probation check. the officers say they found 33 pounds of marijuana and the suspect used the alligator named mr. teeth to deter would be pot
6:41 am
thieves and the alligator is at the oakland zoo. >> another bit of show business here, we know the nominees for the 85th annual academy awards. who is on the list and when you can find out who is gold. >> time is running out for wails -- whales t
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> welcome back here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, and all eyes on the peninsula and the santa cruz mountains with the best chance of showers and snow showers and a small chance moving through east bay hills
6:44 am
that will get a sprinkle this morning. maybe a few flurries on diablo. around the grapevine we have snow. be careful. snow showers are taper in the sierra but they will be around in the afternoon. 31 in yosemite. through the grapevine you have mid-50's to around 60 for los angeles and san diego and palm springs. kristen and eric? >> thank you, mike at 6:45. >> "lincoln" leads with 12 oscar nominations this year. >> it was a wake-up call for hollywood as knox -- nominees were announced. >> the film selected as best picture nominees for 2012 are beasts of the southern wild and "silver linings playbook" and
6:45 am
"zero dark thirty" and "lincoln" from spielberg and kennedy as producers. >> those were among the nominees for best picture including, also, argo with ben affleck and "django unchained" and "les miserables" is a nominee and "life of pi" and "amour" and beasts of the southern wild and including good 96 and bradley cooper, and wadts and jennifer lawrence and the oldest and youngest ever nominated for the roles so you will find out who wins coming up. >> you can see who wins, indeed, february 24 when oscars are announced live only on abc7. >> word that a pack of killer whales packed by ice in canada appears do have least. we have some reports and we hope that is the case.
6:46 am
look at this, amazing video shows the whales forced to share a small opening in the ice as a breathing hole. this is near quebec where part of the hudson bay is frozen over and the government is sending experts but the media reports today that the killer whales have not been seen since last night so hopefully that means they are out but researchers say it was odd for them to be this in the first place they usually leave before the ice moves in and maybe they were surprised by a cold front. "good morning america" will have more on the plight of the killer whales after the newscast. >> the gun violence task force headed by vice president biden is holding meeting today at the white house including the national rifle association and other gun rights groups. leaders in the gaming industry are also expected to attend along with walmart the large of the gun seller. they met with gun control advocates and crime victims and the task force is looking for
6:47 am
new ideas on curbing gun violence in the wake recent mass shoot evening. >> amazon is giving away free versions of thousands of albums. and we are like to the new york stock exchange with a big change in the supermarket business, as well. >> good morning. big name supermarkets getting a new owner, a group let by capital management buying albertson's in a deal valued at $3 billion. some of the chains have laid off hundreds of employees in cost cutting moves. though word if there will be additional firings or closing. china reported greater than expected december export levels and the markets are responding positively and earnings we have gotten and silicon valley index trading up .8 percent and apple shares are active with word that the chief executive met in
6:48 am
beijing to cuts cooperation with china mobile which has 700 million subscribers and there has been no agreement to sell iphones so that is what the speculation is centering on here. amazon has a new service to compete with apple selling digital copies of cd's on the site and will give out free versions on traps of 50,000 albums. amazon cloud play trails appleby a lot. you can claim your free digital copy if you have purchased them. >> everyone is happy when we hear the word "free." >> free snow. >> wish it were more so the kids or parent would want to play could. but we are not out of it yet
6:49 am
with more waves of showers coming law and we will add to the totals you see which is just a dusting with a few makes falling as we hook from highway nine this morning into the construction mountains and i thank amy for going up this. here is a look from our radar you can see a patch of light flurries, mostly, along the santa clara and santa cruz border. you can see there is more rain until you get to the higher elevations where it towns to -- turns to snow. and the rain is falling apart headed in this area so a few sprinkles are possible otherwise the ocean gets most of wet weather as the reveil -- prevailing winds blows. 32 in napa and 44 in san francisco and 46 in half moon
6:50 am
bay so the coldest of the air is not here yet but it will be tomorrow morning and 42 in monterey. the cold front shows a sharp contrast between the warm and moist air to the south and the cooler dry air over the ocean. the ocean water is in the upper and low 50's and the cold air is in the 30's creating instability. here is how it plays out the next couple of hours, the track of the showers is moving out over the ocean more and that is the case but we still have a chance of a stray shower here and if it bumps into 2,000 or higher elevation you could see snow. tomorrow morning you will see the clearing so it will be cold with frost on the bay sure line and freezing cold temperatures in the east bay and south bay and north bay valleys so be prepared. also, saturday morning, saturday, yes, you need rain gear at the game and per -- more
6:51 am
dry and warmer on sunday. >> we have a new accident in walnut creek northbound, with slow traffic in the only in the northbound direction but in the southbound direction as you move toward the highway 24 junction. back to westbound 580 with our abc7 app, the traffic app, it is grabbing. we had an early car fire and that has been jammed up before the 680 junction. it is still slow from before 680 and 580 back to dublin boulevard on westbound 580 but it is improving. you can follow this on your own app free at the apple app store or on google play. san mateo bridge is busy beyond the toll plaza. the flat section has some brake lights and bumper to bumper to
6:52 am
foster city at 15 to 17 minutes to the peninsula from the east bay and little improved in the westbound direction toward hayward at 15 minutes. kristen and eric. >> five things to know before you go. >> the
6:53 am
>> handing off to "good morning america" we will show you the five things to know before you go. first, the snow. can you expect cold temperatures throughout the bay area. and a light dusting and higher elevations, and there is above saratoga with snow on the ground near highway nine. >> two, federal investigators
6:54 am
are looking into radar equipment to see if that was a factor in the crash on the bay bridge. there was a possible malfunction in the system at the time of tanker scraped the tower. cal tran said it was working properly. three, emergency crews are at the scene of an accident in new jersey involving a mini school bus and commuter bus which flipped over and slammed into a tree. 16 people are injured. no children were on the school bus. >> four, governor brown will reveal the budget for the new fiscal year. the state must address a $2 billion deficit but that is a far cry from the $25 billion short fall he faced when he took office. >> five, oscar nominations are out for the academy awards on sunday february 24 right hire on abc7. we have the nominations like this morning on the abc7 morning news and we do have all the nominees listed on our when now,
6:55 am
at and "good morning america" will have more. seth macfarlane will host the oscars with emma stone announcing this morning. >> michael? >> the big story is the santa cruz mountains and potential for snow with a dusting so far and up to 1" to 2" above 2,000 feet so this is the possibility on skyline boulevard of a little bit of snow. we will have waves of showers, light showers and a dusting of snow will fall each time. as we head through the afternoon, the best chance of showers will be closest to the coast but only upper 40s to 50 for a high. >> car pool lanes are fine but backing to the macarthur maze and we have breaking news from vallejo, westbound 37, near highway 29 big rig off the road
6:56 am
and exploded and it is fully engulfed in flames westbound 37 in vallejo area. we will keep our eye on that. right now it is off the road. we will watch it. thank you. thank you for joining us for the morning news.
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breaking right now. the race for oscar gold starts. lincoln leads the nominations. huge jackman. anne hathaway. daniel day-lewis. sally field. all up for oscars. all of the breaking details right here on gma. state of emergency. flu cases spike to the highest levels seen in years. the mayor of boston says his city's under siege from the outbreak. we'll tell you how to protect yourself and your children, right now. football under fire. what really happened to one of the biggest names in the game? a team of doctors revealing that junior seau did have brain damage from playing. we hear the family's reaction for the first time, in an abc news/espn investigation. i just saw a baby lion. >> caught on tape. the frantic 911 calls, claiming a lion is on the loose, prowling the streets. why so many people were in a frenzy over this little guy. get ready to meet charles the


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